Bulgarian-American Cultural Educational Society of California

BACES Bylaws

You may find a copy of the current BACES Bylaws, approved and effective Novmber 11, 2019 at this link.

You may find a copy of most, if not all, previous Bylaws, going back to 1947 here.

Suggested amendments to the 2019 Restated bylaws have been reviewed by legal counsel of the organization, which provided recommended language for establishing two classes membership in Section 3.1 of the Restated Bylaws (i.e., one voting and one non-voting class) in order to clearly define the Board’s intent.

Furthermore, the Board decided to put the proposed amendments to the 2019 Restated Bylaws to the vote of the membership by placing them on the Ballot as Measures A, B, and C, along with the December 2023 elections.

The 2019 Restated Bylaws will continue to govern the organization as written until the results of the membership vote on Measures A, B and C are announced.

NOTE and a plea – if you happened to have a copy of any previous BACES Bylaws please contact us and we would gladly publish it.

For any questions or comments please feel free to reach us at the contact at baces dot org address.