Bulgarian-American Cultural Educational Society of California

BACES Board of Directors Elections 2023

BACES is holding elections by written ballot for new Directors of the Board of Directors.

Elections will conclude on Sunday, December 10, 2023 with ballot-box closing at 2pm PST for in-person voting. The location and hours of the voting section have been announced to all members, and all ballots have been mailed.

For Vote-By-Mail all ballots must be received by BACES no later than Saturday December 9, 2023. Any ballot received by mail after December 9 will be considered invalid.

The Board has received and reviewed the fully completed Director Nomination Applications for the following BACES members:

  • Evgeni Veselinov
  • John Alajov
  • Vesselka Kazachka
  • Vladimir Strinski

You may find here all BACES Director Candidate Statements for 2023 Election of Directors.

Note: The Board has received a notice of Withdrawal of Application from Biliana Petrov.

The Board has requested that all Nominees submit an optional 250-word statement and a photograph for posting on our website. The deadline for submission is 5PM PDT on Nov/10/2023. Statements received after this date may not be posted in a timely manner, but the names will still appear on the written ballot as candidates for Director of BACES.

All future directors must complete Nomination Form and meet all other requirements and training by EOB on Saturday, November 18, 2023.
A Nomination Form has been mailed to all BACES members as part of the Census 2023 survey. For additional details on the survey please see https://www.baces.org/census23 page.

For reference, you may find the current BACES Bylaws at https://www.baces.com/bylaws or email us at the contact at baces dot org address if you have any questions.

Update 2023-10-11:
Please bookmark this page. Additional details, location and hours for in-person voting will be announced in the coming days, and the information will be published on this page.

Update 2023-11-03:
The Board has reviewed the Director Nomination Applications. The list of candidates has been published on our web site.
The Board is currently in the process of coordinating Director Training with all nominees. The preliminary plan is to conduct and complete the training between Nov/15-18, pending confirmation from all parties involved

Update 2023-11-11:
Note: The Board has been informed of Biliana Petrov’s decision to withdraw her application. Consequently, the roster of active directors has been revised.
The Board expressed regret over this development, acknowledging Biliana’s impressive qualifications and experience, recognizing her potential as an excellent Director. However, they recognize the necessity for change at times and appreciate the thoughtful consideration behind the decision.
One potential silver lining is that it could facilitate the transition to a staggered board, ensuring that not all directors are replaced simultaneously, thereby promoting continuity in governance.

Update 2023-11-18:
All Nominees have completed the required training and with that they have met all requirements as set by the Board.