Reminder: BACES is registered as non-profit 501(c)(4) under the category Immigrant & Ethnic Centers & Service Providers. Below are listed example events that correspond to the NGO status of BACES. Have this in mind when submitting your event idea.

 Cultural Heritage Workshops: Host workshops focusing on various aspects of Bulgarian culture, such as traditional music, dance, language, cuisine, and arts and crafts. These workshops could serve as opportunities for both members and the broader community to learn about and engage with Bulgarian heritage.

 Community Outreach Programs: Organize outreach programs aimed at supporting immigrants from Bulgaria and other Eastern European countries, providing resources, information, and assistance with integration into the local community. This could include language classes, job placement services, legal assistance, and cultural orientation sessions.

Heritage Celebrations: Arrange celebrations of Bulgarian cultural festivals and holidays, such as Baba Marta (Grandma March), Liberation Day, and Christmas, where members can come together to share traditions, stories, and food.

Cultural Exchange Events: Collaborate with other immigrant and ethnic organizations to organize cultural exchange events, where members can learn about and celebrate the diverse cultures represented within the community. This could include music and dance performances, cultural demonstrations, and food tastings from various ethnic groups.

Educational Seminars and Forums: Host seminars and forums on topics relevant to the immigrant community, such as immigration policies, cultural identity, navigating healthcare and social services, and civic engagement. Invite guest speakers, experts, and community leaders to share insights and provide valuable information.

Volunteer and Service Projects: Coordinate volunteer opportunities and service projects that benefit immigrants and ethnic communities, such as language tutoring programs, community clean-up initiatives, or fundraising campaigns for local immigrant support organizations.

Networking Events: Organize networking events and social gatherings where members can connect with each other, build relationships, and exchange ideas and resources. These events could facilitate professional networking, mentorship opportunities, and community building within the immigrant and ethnic community.